Meet Our Team


Derek Basler


Derek is a Certified Animal Behavior College Trainer. Currently, Derek is attending school and working toward his Canine Police Professional certification degree.


Shanna Wendler

Office Administrator & Weekend Manager

Traveling Tails Inn’s assistant manager is certified dog lover Shanna Wendler. Shanna has been with Traveling Tails for 4 years and has experience in all areas of operation. She expertly manages the front desk and takes potential clients on tours of the facility. Due to Shanna’s experience, she is an excellent tour guide, one who is able to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Gary Bedalow

Overnight Manager

Gary Bedlow proudly fills the position of Overnight Manager at Traveling Tails Inn. A native Texan and US Veteran, Gary has called the Metro area home for almost 30 years. With a background in corporate security and the experience of an investigative officer for the Metro East Humane Society, Gary brings a great deal of expertise and professionalism to the job. Whether working with military aircraft, evacuating the Bank of America Building on 9/11 or investigating animal welfare cases, Gary has proven himself to be qualified at keeping our guests and facility safe and secure. With over a decade of work in animal rescue, Gary is committed to the well-being of animals and is the proud parent of Natalie, a rescued Sheltie. Gary says it is a joyful feeling to work with the dogs at Traveling Tails Inn because they are so loved!

Daycare Directors

  • Kayla Stevenson
  • Kasin Whitehead
  • Anthony Barringhaus
  • Brandy Sheppard
  • Tricia Baykin, Bather
  • Adrianne Hughes
  • Matthew Giacinto
  • Gabby Alford
  • Kendell Paterson
  • Lynzi Beyers
  • Patty Barney
  • Rhianna Neel
  • Reahn Richards
  • Catalina Pokorny
  • Jordan Stolze
  • Katelyn Hitchcock