What are the benefits of Traveling Tails Inn’s Stay & Play program? 

As pack animals, dogs thrive in a social environment. When we are at work, or school, dogs can get lonely (or even destructive). Being in a group play setting, they learn to interact with new dogs and people. This helps build confidence and is an outlet for excess energy. (If you follow us on social media, you’ll see a lot of tired pups at the end of the day.)

How do I schedule a Meet & Greet (aka Temperament Test)?

Please fill out our online guest registration form, have your veterinarian send your current vaccination records (via email at info@travelingtailsinn.com or fax at (618) 659-4078), then call us at (618) 659-2366 to set up an appointment with one of our trainers. We will explain the process and help you get scheduled. The Meet & Greet takes about four hours. During this time we get to know your pet better and assess whether or not they may be happy at Traveling Tails Inn. Dogs must be a regular participant in our daycare program to be eligible for boarding.

What if my dog isn’t happy at the Meet & Greet?

Dogs that do not enjoy our group play setup simply may not like being around a lot of dogs at one time. This does not mean there is anything wrong with your dog. Like us, some prefer to hang out in their own space with one or two friends. That’s okay, too. At the end of the evaluation our trainer will provide you with a detailed report and talk with you about what they observed. There may be other facilities that are a better fit for them and we can go over that when you come in for pick-up.

When can I tour the Traveling Tails Inn facility?

Please contact us to set this up.

How do I make a boarding or daycare reservation?

We recently transitioned to an online scheduling system at Kennel Geek. If you are an existing Traveling Tails Inn client, please contact us to set up your login if you do not yet have one. If you need help with that, or need to make a reservation, we can help you at (618) 659-2366. Keep in mind, we do fill up during busy seasons and holidays. When you’re booking your travel, book your pet’s as well to ensure that we have a spot reserved just for them. NOTE: scheduling on Kennel Geek is a request for a reservation at that time. You will receive a confirmed or denied email from Traveling Tails Inn after your request has been finalized.

What should I bring for boarding?

You should bring your dog’s food in prepacked, individual servings and any medications your dog may need while staying with us. We provide a cot and blanket for all our guests. If your dog is staying in one of our luxury suites, you may also bring their bed from home.

Why do you say your boarding is individualized and special?

We are the only facility in the area that offers live web cams, *free all-day daycare with boarding, a late night play session, and hourly monitoring for your pet. We offer all of these amenities to ensure that your pet’s individual needs are being met. We make special accommodations for seniors, pets on medication, and young pups. In addition, we provide a full report of your pet’s stay upon pickup.

How do I access the cameras so I can watch my dog?

Online Doggy allows our customers to view their dog at any time during their stay. To view on your mobile device, download the O’Doggy app. PC users may access this service for free on our Traveling Tails Inn website. If you choose to download the app, there is a yearly fee of $5.00 that goes directly to Online Doggy. If you have trouble accessing the cameras, you may call Online Doggy tech support at (866) 929-0919.

How do I use my daycare package if I opt to purchase one?

When your dog is checked in for the day, our system will automatically deduct it as follows:
5 hours or less: half day
More than 5 hours: full day

Do you provide daycare for puppies?

Absolutely! All puppies must have three round of shots including bordetella and a negative fecal test. They may attend daycare before being spayed or neutered as long as they are younger than 8 months. After 8 months, they must be spayed or neutered to attend.

Do you offer training?

We offer free basic training during daycare and have certified staff members available for questions. Keep an eye on our facebook page where we announce basic training classes.

What is the facility like?

Unlike some daycares, we give our dogs year-round, indoor/outdoor access to our K9 grass covered play yards. We are both an air conditioned and heated facility for the comfort of your dog and our staff. Under our supervision, your dog will be able to go in and out of their own free will. Stop by to take a tour of our 16,000 sq. foot facility and see the difference for yourself!

My dog has a special diet and requires lunch – is that okay?

We are happy to offer a lunch hour to puppies or our special needs guests who have a medical requirement. There is never an additional charge for our staff to administer medication or insulin.

Additional questions?

Have more questions for us? No problem! Click here to send us a message, inbox us on our Facebook page, or give us a call at (618) 659-2366. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions.

*Just like any hotel or Inn, we do have a check out time of 10:00AM on departure day. If you choose to have your pet stay past this time to enjoy the daycare program, additional fees will apply.