A Community Of Canines

At Traveling Tails Inn, our daycare is a kennel-free community of canines! The daycare program is designed to offer your dog increased confidence to play and socialize with other dogs.

At Traveling Tails Inn we understand dog pack culture and for the overall safety of our guests, we only give admission to dogs that meet our participation requirements. In addition, our daycare staff provides basic command training to establish and reinforce obedience skills at daycare and at home.

Our daycare dogs will benefit from all of the amenities we have to offer:

  • Indoor & outdoor interactive, “kennel-free” playtime 
  • Basic command training
  • Modular Play Equipment
  • 4 Swimming Pools
  • Agility Equipment
  • Pet Turf
  • Heated & air conditioned facility
  • Daily activity schedule to increase play and mental stimulation
  • Live web cameras in all 8 play areas
  • Daycare packages available
  • Daycare Directors/Management available to give meaningful feedback on your dog’s visit

For the convenience of our clients, Traveling Tails Inn offers daycare packages. By purchasing a package, our clients receive the benefit of daycare for their dog and a savings reward. Our daycare packages never expire and can be split into half-days to accommodate our customer’s needs and schedules.

* For the well-being of ALL dogs in our facility, pets must meet health and wellness requirements before interacting with new friends.

  1. ALL new pets (or those who have not visited TTI in the last 6 months) MUST attend a 1/2 Day Meet & Greet evaluation prior to participating in daycare. Evaluations are by appointment only. Contact us for details. 
  2. ALL pets MUST be spayed or neutered to participate in daycare or boarding programs. (Pets younger than 8mo. may play as long as they are current on TTI’s required vaccinations.)
  3. ALL pets MUST be current on TTI’s required vaccinations to participate in daycare, boarding, bathing, or training services. 
  4. ALL pets MUST be current on flea & tick applications