Guest Registration

It is our priority to make sure all of our guests are happy and healthy and keeping your dog up to date on their health screenings and vaccines will help ensure that.

Please don’t forget you will need to provide proof of up-to-date vaccines for the following:
Rabies (1 or 3 years)
DAPP (1 or 3 years)

Bordetella (intranasal only, Parainfluenza coverage)

Fecal (annually)                                       

An annual Influenza vaccine is recommended, but not required.

Puppies must have had three rounds of their vaccines before they may Stay & Play. We also require that they be spayed or neutered by 8 months of age.

If you’d prefer, please print out the enrollment form and return to our office.

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    *Note: For the safety of other pets, our employees and other customers; we ask that you do not bring your dog in on a Flexi (Retractable) Leash. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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    Feeding Instructions: All pets must have their food pre-bagged and measured, per meal, per day (i.e. breakfast in one zip lock bag and dinner in another zip lock bag). If food is provided and is NOT pre-bagged, a $5.00 per day fee will be applied. Customers providing canned food or customers boarding for 14 plus days do not need to pre-bag. We are able to provide house food for an additional charge but it is best for your pet to keep them on the same diet during their stay to prevent any complications due to a sudden change in diet. We want your pet's stay to be a fun and comfortable one.

    Medication: We administer medications for free. All medications must be in the original prescription bottle with specific dosage and administration instructions clearly stated on the bottle. Please do not put the medication in the pre-bagged meal baggies.

    What To Bring For Boarding: TTI will supply a cot and a comfy blanket for your pet. However, we welcome you to bring your dog’s own bed if you wish. Also, something with the smell from your own home enhances their level of comfort during sleeping times as the nose is the first sense all dogs use. We provide bowls, toys and anything else that your dog may need. Again, we can provide food for a fee but encourage you to bring your dog’s own food (prepackaged by meal) to avoid stomach upset due to change in diet.

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    *Guardian/Owner is required to provide veterinary proof of required vaccines and health screenings. It is the Guardian/Owners responsibility to continue to provide current & accurate vaccinations as pet is updated.


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